Documents you need when selling your home - Checklist.

Pile of conveyancing paperwork including property information forms

Missing documents will delay your move, could cost you money or risk losing the sale. Here's a checklist of all the paperwork you'll need to sell your home.

Avoiding unnecessary delays

The sale process can be fraught with delays - many of which are avoidable. Being as prepared as possible can help reduce delays.

Collating as many relevant documents as possible before you find a buyer will help prevent delays.

Documents you need when selling your home:

Proof of identity

Your solicitor will need to verify your identity and you will need to provide:

  • Proof of address such as a utility bill
  • Photo ID such as a driving licence or passport.

Title deeds

You will need to be able to prove that you own the property you are selling. Evidence of ownership is set out on the title deeds (known as 'official copies').

If you have the title deeds to hand you can forward them to your solicitor. Don't panic if you can't find them, as your solicitor can obtain copies from HM Land Registry.

Seller’s Property Information Form (TA6)

The Seller's Property Information Form (TA6) is a lengthy form that you will need to complete. Completing the TA6 as early as possible in the process gives you time to find all of the answers. Typically the solicitor will send you the form once instructed - usually when a buyer is found.

You may also need to find the following documents as referred to on the TA6 form:

Document requiredRelevant advice
Party wall noticesBoundary disputes with a Neighbour? What to do before selling your home
Copies of notices or correspondence received
or sent from or to a neighbour, council or
government department.
Copies of the planning permissions, Building Regulations approvals and Completion CertificatesWhat should you do if you are selling an extended home without planning permission?
Tree Preservation Order TPO documents
Listed building documentsWhat will a buyer want to know before buying a listed building?
A copy of any Japanese knotweed management and treatment planWhat to do before selling a home with Japanese Knotweed
Guarantees and warranties e.g. new windows (FENSA), solar panels, a new roof, or the property itself (e.g. NHBC) if it is a new build.What will the buyer want to know if buying a home with solar panels?
BS7671 Electrical Safety CertificateNo electrical completion certificate? What you need to do before selling your home
CORGI or Gas Safe Register

    You can download a specimen copy of the TA6 form here:

    Fittings and Contents Form (TA10)

    You will need to complete the Fittings and Contents Form (TA10) that lists room-to-room detail of everything that is included in your sale.

    It is worth addressing the questions in this form well in advance of finding a buyer. You can download a specimen copy of the TA10 form here.

    Leasehold Information Form (TA7)

    The Leasehold Information Form (TA7) is another lengthy form to be completed by sellers of leasehold properties. Some of the questions are detailed e.g. service charge history, freeholder disputes, consent granted or denied and lease extension details. Completing the form before you find a buyer will help avoid delays.

    Your solicitor will send you a copy and you can download a specimen TA7 form here:

    Leasehold and shared freehold documentation

    • You will need to provide a copy of the lease if your home is leasehold.
    • If you own a share of the freehold, you will need to provide documents relating to the freehold structure, for example, the Share Certificate.

    Read more:

    What do I need to do before selling a leasehold flat?

    What should I do before selling a share of freehold flat?

    Leasehold management information pack

    The management information pack contains a number of documents provided and completed by the managing agent or freeholder. The pack includes information on planned major works, service charge accounts, ground rent and disputes.

    Sourcing of this information is one of the biggest causes of delays when selling a leasehold property. Managing agents, freeholders and landlords are often not very responsive and this information can take weeks or even months to obtain.

    If you are selling a leasehold property, instruct a solicitor as soon as you go on the market and ask the solicitor to apply for the management pack immediately.

    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

    You must order an EPC before you put your property on the market. Your EPC will cover:

    • The energy efficiency of your property.
    • Ways in which its environmental impact could be reduced.

    EPCs are usually offered by your estate agent. If not, or if you are not selling through an agent, you can obtain an EPC through a Domestic Energy Assessor from around £50 at the EPC Register.

    Read more:

    Do I have to have an EPC when selling a home?

    Mortgage Details

    You will need to provide details of your mortgage lender and your mortgage account number.

    Your conveyancer will also need to know the amount required to redeem the mortgage. The solicitor will request an exact mortgage statement from the lender before exchange.

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