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Conveyancing in Brent

Conveyancing is the legal process involved when ownership of a property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. If you need a solicitor for conveyancing in Brent, we can help you with fast & proactive conveyancing from a national panel of conveyancing specialists.

We have helped Brent and London clients with buying, selling, buy-to-let, Help to Buy, Right to Buy, shared ownership, new build, leasehold, lease extensions, remortgage and transfer of equity.

Other areas covered: Barnet, Croydon, Edmonton, West London and London

Brent Conveyancing Solicitors

Buying property in Brent

The London Borough of Brent forms part of Outer London. One of the most culturally diverse boroughs in the UK, it is an exciting, dynamic and vibrant place to live and work. Its main town is Wembley (home to the iconic Wembley stadium and Wembley arena). Other major areas include Harlesden, Kilburn and Willesden.

Much of the employment in the borough is in small and medium sized enterprises, underlining the entrepreneurial spirit of its population. The borough is attracting new investment, bringing in new businesses and residents every year.

Easy access to central London is provided by its numerous underground, overground and National Rail stations.

Brent house prices

The average price paid for a property in Brent between February and March 2024 was £512,292 (updated June 2024).

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Council Tax in Brent (2023/24)

Band Amount
A £1,282.97
B £1,496.79
C £1,710.62
D £1,924.45
E £2,352.11
F £2,779.76
G £3,207.42
H £3,848.90

What does a Brent property lawyer do?

A solicitor plays an essential role during a property purchase, and assists the buyer with the legal side of the transaction.

Your solicitor will order property searches, raise questions for the seller's solicitor, review the contract of sale and handle post-completion tasks, including paying Stamp Duty.

Brent conveyancing solicitors may also carry out checks for leasehold complexities, including short and defective leases.

Buying with a mortgage?

When you buy a property with a mortgage, the bank or building society that's giving you the mortgage will need to confirm that the property's value is enough to cover the amount of the mortgage.

Your transaction could take significantly longer to complete if your lawyer is not on your bank or building society's panel.

We work with solicitors who can represent the vast majority of lenders, including major banks like Barclays, to smaller lenders like Bradford and Bingley and Atom Bank, so your conveyancing will complete sooner.

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Conveyancing for buying a property

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We can also help home movers in Brent with the legal work for:

Buying a home in a conservation area

When buying a home in a conservation area, your property lawyer will check for potential planning breaches, including lack of consent for roof lights or visible satellite dishes and antennas. Conservation areas in Brent and the London local authority include:

  • Lloyd's Avenue
  • Guildhall
  • Bank
  • Postman's Park
  • St Paul's Cathedral

Listed buildings

Approximately half a million listed properties exist in England and Wales, and around 100 of which are in London Borough of Brent.

Listed buildings in and around Brent include:

  • Dollis Hill Synagogue And Forecourt Railings, Parkside, Willesden, Brent, Greater London Authority
  • St Andrews Church Hall, Harrow Road, Wembley, Brent, Greater London Authority
  • Church Of St George And Presbytery, 970 Harrow Road, Wembley, Brent, Greater London Authority
  • Old St Andrews Mansions, 1/1A-5/5A, Old Church Lane, Wembley, Brent, Greater London Authority
  • Gatepiers Between Numbers 5/5A And 6/6A Old St Andrews Mansions, Old Church Lane, Wembley, Brent, Greater London Authority

Our expert solicitor panel will discuss with you the additional legal obligations your planned listed building purchase will entail. Examples include a duty to maintain the exterior appearance, consent required for energy efficient alterations and an obligation to employ traditional construction techniques .

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Purchasing a Shared Ownership house or flat

The conveyancing process for shared ownership means buying only a part (or share) in a property. Shared ownership conveyancing is more complex, as all properties are leasehold and mortgage lenders' apply stricter criteria.

With years of experience, our expert panel of solicitors will assist you with every step of the process.

Leasehold flats

Almost every flat in the UK is leasehold. There are also an estimated 1 million leasehold houses throughout the country. Buying a leasehold flat can take weeks longer than a freehold home because there is more work involved.

Causes of numerous delays can range from slow delivery of managing agents' documents to an absent freeholder.

Expert leasehold solicitors handle hundreds of leasehold transactions a month. Our proactive approach means fewer obstacles.

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Selling a house or flat in Brent

When you're looking to sell property in Brent, you can expect your lawyer to first assemble all essential documents, including ID forms and title deeds.

Their role involves dealing with complications like a landlord dispute, responding to the buyer's solicitor's questions and redeeming the mortgage.

To ensure the transaction is straightforward, the solicitor will also coordinate with both sides, such as estate agents and banks or building societies.

Is there anything to be aware of if selling a leasehold property in Brent?

The legal work for a leasehold flat (leasehold houses are uncommon) is quite a lot more protracted than for a more straightforward freehold house.

The complex nature of leasehold property means that conveyancing solicitors in Brent must undertake additional work, which could include requesting all relevant freeholder information, through to a copy of the lease.

To reduce leasehold-related delays, It is recommended that you instruct a Brent conveyancing solicitor as soon as an estate agent is chosen.

Conveyancing for selling a property

Remortgage conveyancing

The current Bank of England base rate is 5.25% (24 June, 2024)

Before you instruct, you should confirm that your conveyancer is able to act for your mortgage lender.

Quittance panel solicitors are on the solicitor panels of over 100 building societies and banks. Whether you are changing to an equity release mortgage with Bank of Ireland or taking out a home reversion mortgage from Aldermore Bank, our experienced conveyancing team can guide you through the remortgage process.

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Transferring Equity

If you are intending to reduce or increase your ownership share of your home, whether you are transferring the ownership of a property to your children, inheritance tax planning or purchasing another owner's stake, a transfer of equity is required.

Your solicitor can handle the legal work for a guaranteed fixed fee.

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How much are solicitors' conveyancing fees in Brent?

Solicitors' fees

The quote will detail the fees for the legal work, including VAT, that you'll pay when your transaction completes. Conveyancing fees are paid to your lawyer for the work they carry out.


Your conveyancing quote should also itemise required third-party costs, or disbursements, such as Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), HM Land Registry fees and property searches.

Check for additional fees

Some solicitors' quotes include extra costs in their terms and conditions, resulting in a higher final bill. If you are comparing conveyancing quotes, double-check for additional fees or charges.

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