Prepare property auction legal pack.

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When you sell a property at auction, you will need a solicitor to prepare the property auction legal pack.

This is a pack of documents that relate to your property, including proof that you legally own the property, and property searches.

What is a property auction legal pack?

A property auction legal pack (sometimes called an ‘auction pack’) is a compilation of documents that provides essential information about the property being auctioned. The pack allows prospective bidders to carry out due diligence on the property before bidding.

What documents are included in an auction legal pack?

The contents of auction legal packs can vary to some degree, but they should contain the following legal documents:

  • Official copy of the title register - Confirming the seller's ownership of the property and any rights or restrictions.
  • The title plan - Depicting the buildings and registered land.
  • Conveyancing searches - including local authority, drainage and water, mining, chancel and environmental searches.
  • Planning permission documentation - including past or current planning permissions or building regulation consents.
  • Property information form (TA6) - information about the property including insurance, rights and informal arrangements, notices, proposals, disputes and any complaints from neighbours.
  • Fixtures and contents form (TA10) - listing all fittings and contents included in the sale.
  • Special conditions of sale - Specific terms or conditions the buyer must adhere if they win the auction.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - rating the property's energy efficiency and typical energy costs
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Other relevant information - such as details on past building work, guarantees for recent work.

If the property is leasehold, the pack should also include:

  • Leasehold Information form (TA7) - providing details about the leasehold nature of a property, including service charges, ground rent, and other relevant leasehold obligations and information.
  • Management Information Pack - sometimes called a ‘Leasehold Information Pack, this includes the lease, details about the ground rent, service charges, planned major works and information about the property's management.

Preparing legal packs for sellers

The auction pack is prepared by the seller's solicitor or licensed conveyancer. Auction houses sometimes recommend a solicitor to produce the pack. Many sellers at auction prefer to instruct their own solicitor to produce the auction pack as they:

  • prefer to work with an independent solicitor
  • have an existing relationship with a solicitor
  • intend to use the same solicitor to handle the conveyancing, which can make the process more efficient.

If you would like our team of specialist auction Conveyancing solicitors to prepare the auction  legal pack for you, contact us now.


What if some documents are missing from the pack?

Packs are often compiled incrementally, with some documents added shortly before the auction date. Sometimes, packs may have documents missing, even on the auction day.

Leasehold management information, in particular, can be time-consuming to obtain.

Bidding at auction without thoroughly reviewing all the legal documents is very risky as potentially costly, or even unfixable complications might arise.

When reviewing the auction pack, your solicitor can help you obtain any documents or searches on the property you're interested in, should the auction pack not cover everything you need.

How long will the auction pack take to prepare?

How long the pack takes to prepare will depend on several factors, including whether the property is leasehold, and how long the searches take. Speak to your solicitor about your auction deadlines so that can advise you more fully and decide what optional documents can be left out of the pack if their delivery is delayed.

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