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What is a property auction legal pack?

A property auction legal pack (sometimes called an ‘auction pack’) is a compilation of documents that provides essential information about the property being auctioned. The pack allows prospective bidders to carry out due diligence on the property before bidding.

What does a pre-auction legal pack preparation quote include?

Auction specialists

Specialising in auction conveyancing, our panel solicitors can take care of every legal aspect of buying and selling at auction, including the preparation of the auction legal pack.

Fast report preparation

Getting the auction legal pack ready well ahead of the auction date is critical.  Prospective bidders  will need plenty of time to review the contents of the pack before bidding. Our auction specialists can usually prepare the pack to meet most seller’s timelines. Confirmation of being able to prepare the pack to meet your timeline will be confirmed with you prior to order.

Search Plus protection

If your property doesn’t sell or you decide to put your property in an auction at a later date, our search plus protection guarantee means that FREE replacement searches will be provided in the event your initial searches expire.

Complete quote

A complete quote includes a detailed breakdown of all legal fees and disbursements you'll pay to your solicitor, to compile the auction legal pack. 

Any potential cost that can be identified at the quote stage will be included in your quote.

Fixed fee promise

The fixed fee promise means that you pay exactly what you are quoted, provided the information you've given us is correct. If you want your solicitor to carry out additional legal work, such as the auction conveyancing if your property sells at auction, your solicitor may charge you additional fees.

Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

Quotes are provided by our highly experienced panel of SRA regulated conveyancing solicitors and CLC regulated licensed conveyancers.

What’s included in the pack?

The legal pack is a comprehensive set of legal documents , including property searches, a copy of the lease, property forms and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). For a complete list of documents included in the pack, please see: Property auction legal pack.

Why do I need a property auction legal pack?

Property auction houses usually require sellers to provide a legal pack as part of their terms of service. This pack ensures that all legal aspects of the property are disclosed upfront, reducing the risk of disputes or withdrawal by the buyer after the sale.

The legal pack provides potential buyers with comprehensive and transparent information about the property so they can make an informed bid.

Who prepares and pays for the legal pack?

The seller is responsible for preparing the property auction legal pack, and they typically pay for its preparation. This includes fees for any legal advice, document preparation, and the inclusion of property searches. The upfront investment in the legal pack is considered part of the seller's cost of marketing and selling the property at auction.

However, an increasing number of auction houses include a provision in the sale contract that allows the seller to recoup the cost of the pack from the buyer after the auction.  This brings auction conveyancing more inline with standard conveyancing where the buyer would normally pay for the searches and EPC - the most costly part of the pack.

Can the same solicitor who prepares the pack handle the auction conveyancing if my property sells?

Yes, the same solicitor who prepares the auction legal pack can also handle the auction conveyancing. This continuity helps ensure a seamless and efficient sale, as your solicitor will already be familiar with your property's details and any legal issues identified during the preparation of the legal pack. This approach will also reduce costs and streamline communication.

How long will it take to get the auction legal pack?

Our auction specialists can usually prepare the pack within 4 weeks, although this can depend on the speed of the local authority when obtaining property searches. If you are in a hurry, personal searches may be an option to accelerate the process.

Review Auction Pack

A solicitor can review the legal documents, and provide a report to help you make an informed bid.

Prepare Auction Pack

The auctioneer will require your solictor to produce a pre auction legal pack to be made available to prospective buyers.
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