Bedford Sold Property Price Summary - July 2024

The average price paid for a property in BEDFORD in the last 3 months was £358,871, which is £11,812 higher than the national average.

Detached houses sold for an average of £513,025, which is £34,498 higher than the national average.

Semi-detached houses sold for an average of £367,143, which is £69,420 higher than the national average.

Terraced houses sold for an average of £301,500, which is £55,223 higher than the national average.

Bedford Sold Property Price Details

15, Amberley Gardens, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 3BT (see map)(see history)
26/01/24£535,000Detached houseFH
Corncrake, Church End, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 2RP (see map)(see history)
26/01/24£675,000Detached houseFH
71, Tawny Avenue, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 6EJ (see map)(see history)
26/01/24£220,000Flat or maisonetteLH
The Hollies, Bedford Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 8TR (see map)(see history)
23/01/24£660,000Detached houseFH
4, Rothsay Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 3PW (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£1,060,000Semi-detached houseFH
7, Fox Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 6GF (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£257,500Semi-detached houseFH
90, Risborough Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9QP (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£425,000Semi-detached houseFH
14, Kirkstall Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 9FE (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£302,500Terraced houseFH
22, Goodwood Close, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 4FE (see map)(see history)
18/01/24£620,000Detached houseFH
6, Towns End Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 1HY (see map)(see history)
17/01/24£336,000Semi-detached houseFH
30, Church Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 3QB (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£949,999Detached houseFH
12, Itchen Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 7UD (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£245,000Semi-detached houseFH
70, Crow Lane, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK43 0XA (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£475,000Terraced houseFH
Claydon Court, 9, Foster Hill Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 2ES (see map)(see history)
09/01/24£80,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Port-o-call, Brookfield Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9JY (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£665,000Detached houseFH
Freddies Cottage, Keysoe Row West, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 2JG (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£542,500Detached houseFH
69, Risborough Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9QR (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£440,000Semi-detached houseFH
70, Silver Street, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 3JA (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£250,000Terraced houseFH
60, The Avenue, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 1QF (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£280,000Terraced houseFH
19, Owen Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 7EA (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£257,000Terraced houseFH
27, Cromwell Road, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 4PU (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£380,000Semi-detached houseFH
5, Littledale Street, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 8PJ (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£258,000Terraced houseFH
Stephenson Court, Unit 13, Fraser Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 3WJ (see map)(see history)
27, Nottingham Close, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 2FZ (see map)(see history)
03/01/24£340,000Semi-detached houseFH
Aspley Court, 16, Warwick Avenue, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 2UH (see map)(see history)
22/12/23£65,000Flat or maisonetteLH
7, The Links, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 7JS (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£280,000Terraced houseFH
1a, Cambridge Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 0LH (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£345,000Detached houseFH
23, Brittons Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 1PW (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£475,000Detached houseFH
5, Flat 2, St Augustines Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 2NB (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£155,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Oxlet House, 5, Bedford Street, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 2GY (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£193,000Flat or maisonetteLH
23, Dines Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK45 3BU (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£275,000Semi-detached houseFH
41, Phillpotts Avenue, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 3UE (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£465,000Semi-detached houseFH
1a, High Street, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 3LE (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£204,000Semi-detached houseFH
1, Chettles Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 1NH (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£170,000Semi-detached houseFH
10, Riverside View, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 1SG (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£200,000Terraced houseFH
47, Halesowen Drive, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 9GG (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£305,000Terraced houseFH
46, Hindburn Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 7YJ (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£275,000Terraced houseFH
10, Kiln Drive, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 9GA (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£325,000Terraced houseFH
51, Edward Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 9DR (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£239,000Terraced houseFH
9, Muscovy Mews, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 4WE (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£138,000Terraced houseLH
47, Grange Road, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 4RE (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£318,000Terraced houseFH
54, Fetlock Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 6BG (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£230,000Terraced houseFH
208, Spring Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 8ND (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£330,000Detached houseFH
15, Folkes Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 9BY (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£85,500Flat or maisonetteLH
55, Flat 1, The Grove, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 3JN (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£375,000Flat or maisonetteLH
5, Terle Bank, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 9QJ (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£375,000Semi-detached houseFH
10, Heather Lane, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 9GL (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£310,000Terraced houseFH
16, Kiln Drive, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 9GA (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£315,000Terraced houseFH
36, Newton View, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 1GH (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£460,000Detached houseFH
65, Harlequin Crescent, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 6DY (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£365,000Detached houseFH
16, Hollowday Road, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK43 0FU (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£408,000Detached houseFH
51, Green End Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 3HB (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£660,000Detached houseFH
9, Townsend Close, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK43 0DJ (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£425,000Detached houseFH
63b, Margetts Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 8DT (see map)(see history)
49, Fairholme, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9DA (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£270,000Semi-detached houseFH
10, Parrott Grove, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK43 0GT (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£331,666Semi-detached houseFH
26, Watson Way, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK43 0RG (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£420,000Semi-detached houseFH
13, Roundmead, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9JD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£285,800Semi-detached houseFH
10, Church Green, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 1RH (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£380,000Semi-detached houseFH
14, Durler Avenue, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 7DG (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£300,000Semi-detached houseFH
48, Elmwood Crescent, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 1LH (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£480,000Semi-detached houseFH
1, St Pauls Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 4NT (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£203,000Terraced houseFH
20, Meadway, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9HU (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£295,000Terraced houseFH
6, Strathconon Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 0NF (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£255,000Terraced houseFH
1, Pennard Close, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 4RP (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£365,000Detached houseFH
66, Crowsley Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 7FN (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£350,000Detached houseFH
66, Sovereigns Quay, Bedford, Bedford, MK40 1TF (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£220,000Detached houseLH
8, Megginson Way, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 0US (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£338,333Semi-detached houseFH
22, Rhineland Way, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 7YP (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£351,000Semi-detached houseFH
Parkside, Jacks Lane, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 8DH (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£775,000Detached houseFH
Wrights House, 20, Flat 6, Milton Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 6AX (see map)(see history)
08/12/23£140,000Flat or maisonetteLH
113, Barkers Lane, Bedford, Bedford, MK41 9RR (see map)(see history)
07/12/23£277,000Terraced houseFH
69, Saxon Gold Drive, Bedford, Bedford, MK43 9SR (see map)(see history)
07/12/23£335,000Terraced houseFH
6, Nicolls Close, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 2GB (see map)(see history)
07/12/23£370,000Terraced houseFH
9a, Shefford Road, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 4BT (see map)(see history)
07/12/23£385,000Terraced houseFH
94, The Hawthorns, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, MK45 1FN (see map)(see history)
06/12/23£240,000Flat or maisonetteLH
25, Warren Farm, Bedford, Bedford, MK44 3DG (see map)(see history)
06/12/23£660,000Terraced houseFH
1, The Green, Bedford, Bedford, MK42 7GQ (see map)(see history)
05/12/23£435,000Detached houseFH
13, Bedford Road, Bedford, Bedford, MK45 3HN (see map)(see history)
05/12/23£315,000Semi-detached houseFH

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How can I value my home in Bedford?

The data above is only available for homes where registration at HMLR has been finalised.

The Halifax Building Society, one of the world's largest building societies, publishes reports compiled from mortgage approval data. These indices more recent but is much less detailed than HM Land Registry data.

Valuing your home

Using the Bedford price information, above try to find similar properties sold in the same street or area.

You can then adjust the valuation based on any aspects that have a bearing on a Bedford property's value - for instance local amenities or being near a busy road.

The next step is to obtain a valuation from an agent in Bedford. Estate agent property valuations can vary wildly, so get as many as you can, disregard the outliers, and calculate an average.

Estate agents in Bedford include:

  • M & M Properties - 3a Station Square, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 1DP
  • Satchells - 18-20 High Street, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5DG
  • Satchells - 49 High Street, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 0JH
  • Thomas Morris Estate Agents - 1 Market Square, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8AP
  • M & M Properties - 3a Station Square, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 1DP
  • Satchells - 18-20 High Street, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5DG
  • Satchells - 49 High Street, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 0JH
  • Thomas Morris Estate Agents - 1 Market Square, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8AP

If you need an official valuation, for instance for shared equity, you could speak to a residential RICS surveyor.

Local BedfordRICS surveyors include:

  • Robinson & Hall - 118 Bromham Road, Bedford, MK40 2QN

For more information:

How to accurately value your home in 4 easy steps

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