Reading Sold Property Price Summary - July 2024

The average price paid for a property in READING in the last 3 months was £401,362, which is £54,303 higher than the national average.

Detached houses sold for an average of £642,615, which is £164,088 higher than the national average.

Semi-detached houses sold for an average of £486,998, which is £189,274 higher than the national average.

Terraced houses sold for an average of £390,880, which is £144,603 higher than the national average.

Reading Sold Property Price Details

55, Conisboro Avenue, Reading, Reading, RG4 7JF (see map)(see history)
26/01/24£650,000Semi-detached houseFH
Cumberland Lodge, 66, Pegasus Court, Reading, Reading, RG31 5DB (see map)(see history)
25/01/24£160,000Flat or maisonetteLH
4, Southern Hill, Reading, Reading, RG1 5ES (see map)(see history)
24/01/24£190,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Olympus House, Unit 3a, Calleva Park, Reading, West Berkshire, RG7 8SA (see map)(see history)
23/01/24£115,000Flat or maisonetteLH
George & Dragon, Church Road, Reading, Wokingham, RG7 1TJ (see map)(see history)
22, Springdale, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 5PR (see map)(see history)
22/01/24£445,000Semi-detached houseFH
Josephine Court, 98, Southcote Road, Reading, Reading, RG30 2DQ (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£185,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Caversham Place, Flat 19, Richfield Avenue, Reading, Reading, RG1 8BY (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£224,500Flat or maisonetteLH
33, The Orangery, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 1FH (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£608,000Semi-detached houseFH
23, Grange Close, Reading, Oxfordshire, RG8 9DY (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£425,000Terraced houseFH
Cleeve House Cottage, Cleeve Road, Reading, Oxfordshire, RG8 9DA (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£685,000Terraced houseFH
25, Champlain Street, Reading, Reading, RG2 6AE (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£477,500Terraced houseFH
The Meridian, 52, Kenavon Drive, Reading, Reading, RG1 3DQ (see map)(see history)
18/01/24£375,000Flat or maisonetteLH
12, Bramble Crescent, Reading, Reading, RG30 4TX (see map)(see history)
18/01/24£400,000Semi-detached houseFH
Ingleborough, Green Lane, Reading, West Berkshire, RG8 7BG (see map)(see history)
17/01/24£985,000Detached houseFH
8, Milliner Grove, Reading, Wokingham, RG2 9TQ (see map)(see history)
17/01/24£530,000Detached houseFH
16, De Montfort Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 8DL (see map)(see history)
16/01/24£545,000Terraced houseFH
52, Flat 3, Queens Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 4AU (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£250,000Flat or maisonetteLH
14, Framlingham Drive, Reading, Reading, RG4 6RE (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£359,950Semi-detached houseFH
36, Sellafield Way, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 3BT (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£470,000Semi-detached houseFH
6, Manor View, Reading, West Berkshire, RG7 4SR (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£380,000Terraced houseFH
3, Weald Rise, Reading, Reading, RG30 6UY (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£555,000Detached houseFH
14, Broom Close, Reading, West Berkshire, RG31 4ZS (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£345,000Detached houseFH
Chiltern Court, Reading Road, Reading, West Berkshire (see map)(see history)
42, Crockhamwell Road, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 3LE (see map)(see history)
11/01/24£481,000Semi-detached houseFH
48, Gratwicke Road, Reading, Reading, RG30 4TT (see map)(see history)
10/01/24£385,000Semi-detached houseFH
4, Carpenters Close, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 4EF (see map)(see history)
09/01/24£415,000Semi-detached houseFH
Fishers Court, Flat 4, Peppard Road, Reading, Reading, RG4 8UQ (see map)(see history)
08/01/24£180,000Flat or maisonetteLH
156, Kennet Walk, Reading, Reading, RG1 3GG (see map)(see history)
08/01/24£245,680Flat or maisonetteLH
3, Gemini Road, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 4TF (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£625,000Detached houseFH
Douglas Bader Court, Flat 48, Howth Drive, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 3AF (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£250,000Flat or maisonetteLH
The Meridian, 20, Kenavon Drive, Reading, Reading, RG1 3DG (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£300,000Flat or maisonetteLH
35, Rotherfield Way, Reading, Reading, RG4 8PJ (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£550,000Semi-detached houseFH
12, Fordham Way, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4BD (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£460,000Semi-detached houseFH
33, Fairway Avenue, Reading, West Berkshire, RG30 4QA (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£395,000Semi-detached houseFH
60, Rochester Avenue, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 4NB (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£430,000Semi-detached houseFH
23, Donegal Close, Reading, Reading, RG4 5DT (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£358,000Terraced houseLH
34, St Johns Road, Reading, Reading, RG4 5AL (see map)(see history)
03/01/24£355,500Terraced houseFH
27, Narromine Drive, Reading, West Berkshire, RG31 7ZL (see map)(see history)
02/01/24£182,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Greys Court, Flat 40, Sidmouth Street, Reading, Reading, RG1 4PP (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£220,000Flat or maisonetteLH
40, Appleby Walk, Reading, Wokingham, RG7 1UZ (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£200,000Flat or maisonetteLH
68, Chestnut Crescent, Reading, Wokingham, RG2 9HA (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£400,000Semi-detached houseFH
26, Ryhill Way, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4AZ (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£760,000Detached houseFH
132, Maiden Place, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 3HE (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£130,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Lyle House, 1, Maidenhatch, Reading, West Berkshire, RG8 8HL (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£243,000Flat or maisonetteLH
65, Hilmanton, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4HN (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£420,000Semi-detached houseFH
17, Margaret Close, Reading, Reading, RG2 8PU (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£315,000Terraced houseFH
21, Helmsdale Close, Reading, Reading, RG30 2PT (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£280,000Terraced houseFH
83, Waterloo Rise, Reading, Reading, RG2 0LW (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£212,000Terraced houseFH
5, Brunswick Street, Reading, Reading, RG1 6NY (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£190,000Terraced houseFH
12, Barn Close, Reading, Reading, RG30 3EE (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£400,000Terraced houseFH
16, Anstey Place, Reading, West Berkshire, RG7 3NQ (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£385,000Terraced houseFH
Mcilroys Building, 36, Oxford Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 7LB (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£170,000Flat or maisonetteLH
3, Alder Drive, Reading, West Berkshire, RG31 4EP (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£243,000Flat or maisonetteLH
36, Springfield Park, Reading, Wokingham, RG10 9JH (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£270,000Flat or maisonetteLH
49, Winton Road, Reading, Reading, RG2 8HJ (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£365,000Semi-detached houseFH
3, Edgehill Street, Reading, Reading, RG1 2PU (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£330,000Terraced houseFH
6, Weardale Close, Reading, Reading, RG2 7JD (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£872,000Detached houseFH
Marlborough House, Flat 6, Northcourt Avenue, Reading, Reading, RG2 7BH (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£120,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Englefield House, Flat 29, Moulsford Mews, Reading, Reading, RG30 1ET (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£220,000Flat or maisonetteLH
6, Greenfinch Drive, Reading, Wokingham, RG10 9JE (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£688,000Semi-detached houseFH
23, Western Avenue, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 3BJ (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£705,000Semi-detached houseFH
25, College Road, Reading, Reading, RG6 1QE (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£690,000Semi-detached houseFH
2, Howard Street, Reading, Reading, RG1 7XS (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£1,145,000Terraced houseFH
78, Hilmanton, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4HN (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£457,000Detached houseFH
Valerie Court, 4, Bath Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 6HP (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£244,000Flat or maisonetteLH
15, Flat A, Derby Street, Reading, Reading, RG1 7NX (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£115,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Osbert House, Flat 4, Notley Place, Reading, Reading, RG4 8PW (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£310,000Flat or maisonetteLH
1, Flat 1, Ruhemann Street, Reading, Reading, RG30 3FG (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£290,000Flat or maisonetteLH
46a, Thirlmere Avenue, Reading, Reading, RG30 6XN (see map)(see history)
20, Beresford Road, Reading, Reading, RG30 1DD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£337,500Terraced houseFH
27, Cardiff Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 8ER (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£350,000Terraced houseFH
138, Fleetham Gardens, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4BY (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£225,000Terraced houseFH
5, Privet Close, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4NY (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£375,000Terraced houseFH
1, Chequers Way, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 3EH (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£440,000Terraced houseFH
25, Westbrook Road, Reading, Reading, RG30 1LB (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£352,000Terraced houseFH
7, Stour Close, Reading, Reading, RG30 4DN (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£250,000Terraced houseFH
Meadow Sweet, Beals Lane, Reading, West Berkshire, RG31 5UD (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£780,000Detached houseFH
Bramley, Beech Lane, Reading, Oxfordshire, RG8 0PY (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£950,000Detached houseFH
Q2, Flat 4, Watlington Street, Reading, Reading, RG1 4AY (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£265,000Flat or maisonetteLH
12, Bran Close, Reading, Reading, RG30 4SY (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£347,500Terraced houseFH
42, Moorhen Drive, Reading, Wokingham, RG6 4NZ (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£610,000Detached houseFH
27, Skylark Way, Reading, Wokingham, RG2 9AD (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£310,000Detached houseFH
24, Marathon Close, Reading, Wokingham, RG5 4UN (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£575,000Detached houseFH
Luscinia View, 100, Napier Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 8AE (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£325,000Flat or maisonetteLH
8, Woodfield Way, Reading, West Berkshire, RG7 5AB (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£445,000Semi-detached houseFH
61, Church Lane, Reading, Wokingham, RG2 9BY (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£465,000Semi-detached houseFH
146, Thirlmere Avenue, Reading, Reading, RG30 6XJ (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£302,000Terraced houseFH
3, Leven Street, Reading, Reading, RG30 4GX (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£310,000Terraced houseFH

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How much is my home in Reading worth?

Sold prices are only released when a property has completed.

The Natiowide Building Society has, since 1952, published house price data compiled from mortgage valuations. This information is a more recent picture but is not property specific.

Valuing your home

Using the Reading sold price data above, find comparable properties sold recently in the same street or area.

You can then adjust the estimate in line with any factors that might affect the value of a house or flat in Reading, for instance modifications to the home or a conservatory.

The next stage is to request a valuation from an estate agent in Reading. Be aware that valuations can vary wildly so you should get a few and take an average.

Local Reading agents include:

  • David Cliff - 36 Victoria Road, Mortimer Common, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 3SE
  • Dudley Singleton & Daughter - 1 Station Road, Pangbourne, Reading, Berkshire, RG8 7AN
  • Parkers Estate Agents - 412 Reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 3EL
  • Patrick Williams - Patrick Williams & Partners, 4a, Station Road, Pangbourne, Reading, Berkshire, RG8 7AN

If you need to get a valuation for more specific reasons for instance a matrimonial valuation, you could instruct a RICS chartered surveyor.

RICS surveyors in Reading include:

  • Dunsin Surveyors - Davidson House, Reading, RG1 3EU
  • Kempton Carr Croft - Davidson House Forbury Square, Reading, RG1 3EU
  • Bartley West Limited - 105 London St, Reading, RG1 4QD
  • Thames Valley Surveying Limited - Green Bank University Of Reading, London Rd Campus, Reading, RG1 5AQ
  • Vospers Chartered Surveyors & Valuers - 400 Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading, RG6 1PT
  • Allied Surveyors & Valuers - Glendale House Reading Road, Reading, RG7 3BL
  • RJ Property Services - 5 Morrison Close Upper Basildon, Reading, RG8 8LL

Further reading:

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