Southampton Sold Property Price Summary - June 2024

The average price paid for a property in SOUTHAMPTON in the last 3 months was £305,860, which is £41,199 lower than the national average.

Detached houses sold for an average of £488,430, which is £9,903 higher than the national average.

Semi-detached houses sold for an average of £325,639, which is £27,915 higher than the national average.

Terraced houses sold for an average of £283,034, which is £36,757 higher than the national average.

Southampton Sold Property Price Details

19, Walmsley Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1QG (see map)(see history)
26/01/24£430,000Flat or maisonetteLH
74, Osborne Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 9GG (see map)(see history)
26/01/24£430,000Semi-detached houseFH
Clifton Gardens, 26, Flat 4, Clifton Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 4GX (see map)(see history)
24/01/24£155,000Flat or maisonetteLH
16, Courtier Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5UJ (see map)(see history)
24/01/24£196,950Semi-detached houseFH
11, Courtier Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5UJ (see map)(see history)
24/01/24£265,000Terraced houseFH
24, Coppice Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 4PW (see map)(see history)
22/01/24£295,000Flat or maisonetteLH
9, College Place, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 2FE (see map)(see history)
55, Holly Hill Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7AE (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£835,000Detached houseFH
85, Newcombe Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 2FT (see map)(see history)
19/01/24£262,500Semi-detached houseFH
Siskin Court, 72, Flat 3, Water Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 3DN (see map)(see history)
18/01/24£207,000Flat or maisonetteLH
18, Conifer Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5EL (see map)(see history)
17/01/24£219,000Flat or maisonetteLH
5, Aldermoor Avenue, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 5HA (see map)(see history)
16/01/24£250,000Terraced houseFH
16, Kingswood, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 4YQ (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£530,000Detached houseFH
12, Penhale Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 7JU (see map)(see history)
15/01/24£339,950Terraced houseFH
162, Warsash Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 9JD (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£510,000Detached houseFH
109, Manor Farm Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 1NU (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£565,000Detached houseFH
14, Horders View, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2FQ (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£496,000Detached houseFH
25, Marne Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 6AH (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£177,500Detached houseFH
37, Raley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6PA (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£700,000Detached houseFH
Sirocco, 33, Flat 80, Channel Way, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3JF (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£260,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Clover Nooke, Flat 62, Old Redbridge Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 0NG (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£90,600Flat or maisonetteLH
Colbury House Cottage, Hill Street, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 2RX (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£400,000Semi-detached houseFH
49, St Michaels Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 3QH (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£395,000Semi-detached houseFH
2a, Midanbury Broadway, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 4QD (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£112,500Terraced houseFH
43, Gainsford Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 7AS (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£385,000Terraced houseFH
3, Medley Place, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 4LF (see map)(see history)
12/01/24£237,000Terraced houseFH
The Boathouse, 100, Flat 16, Riverdene Place, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 1ER (see map)(see history)
11/01/24£256,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Mayflower Court, 3, Flat 4, Oakley Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 4HH (see map)(see history)
11/01/24£130,000Flat or maisonetteLH
20, Peach Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 5GA (see map)(see history)
11/01/24£260,000Terraced houseFH
5, Laburnum Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 3PP (see map)(see history)
10/01/24£250,000Semi-detached houseFH
15, Cambrian Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8GW (see map)(see history)
08/01/24£120,000Flat or maisonetteLH
4, Bergen Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0LR (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£442,500Detached houseFH
41, Sherborne Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0GZ (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£670,000Detached houseFH
167, Moorgreen Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2HG (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£431,500Detached houseFH
29, Nursery Gardens, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 5SY (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£90,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Foxfield, 82, Flat 20, Botley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 1BZ (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£190,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Willow Mead, Flat 14, Wildern Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 4RB (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£190,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Rosemary Court, 30, Flat 1, Shales Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 6TA (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£145,000Flat or maisonetteLH
52, Redcote Close, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 5SU (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£183,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Homeborough House, Flat 32, Brinton Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 6EE (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£127,000Flat or maisonetteLH
24, Beaulieu Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 4JN (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£330,000Semi-detached houseFH
29, Goslings Turning, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8LP (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£387,500Semi-detached houseFH
42, Bridge Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 7GQ (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£340,000Semi-detached houseLH
48, Cambria Drive, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5UW (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£293,000Terraced houseFH
12, The Sawmills, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2EH (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£432,000Terraced houseFH
402, Romsey Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 4HX (see map)(see history)
05/01/24£315,000Terraced houseFH
120, Testwood Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 3QS (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£250,000Detached houseFH
47, Oleander Drive, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 8XX (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£370,000Semi-detached houseFH
40, Hawkley Green, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 9NQ (see map)(see history)
04/01/24£161,000Terraced houseFH
Homepoint House, Flat 30, Mersham Gardens, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 6TX (see map)(see history)
03/01/24£70,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Dawtrey Court, 36, Flat 1, Grosvenor Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO17 1RQ (see map)(see history)
03/01/24£75,000Flat or maisonetteLH
3, Cheddar Close, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 2EZ (see map)(see history)
03/01/24£230,000Terraced houseLH
Austen Heights, 8, Centenary Plaza, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 9UE (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£175,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Port Hamble Marina, Berth F33, Satchell Lane, Southampton, Hampshire (see map)(see history)
33, Sylvan Avenue, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 5JW (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£250,000Semi-detached houseFH
17, Tangier Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1PP (see map)(see history)
21/12/23£330,000Terraced houseFH
68, St James Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 5FF (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£410,000Detached houseFH
6, Dale Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 6QG (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£315,000Detached houseFH
4, Underwood Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 7BU (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£428,000Detached houseFH
103a, Ludlow Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 2ER (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£90,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Pavilion Court, 74 - 76, 13, Northlands Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 2NN (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£167,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Rosebrook Court, 2, Flat 26, Beech Avenue, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 4HS (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£65,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Oceana Boulevard, Flat 62, Briton Street, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3HU (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£105,000Flat or maisonetteLH
79, Brunel Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 0LR (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£130,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Plots 19-21 22-25 And 26-29, Beacon Bottom, Southampton, Hampshire (see map)(see history)
52, Regents Park Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 8PG (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£290,000Semi-detached houseFH
2, Trafalgar Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 6FQ (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£425,000Semi-detached houseFH
3, Marne Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 6AJ (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£325,000Semi-detached houseFH
248, Kathleen Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 8HG (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£335,000Semi-detached houseFH
18, Bodding Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 0BJ (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£390,000Semi-detached houseFH
26, Elliot Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 8TH (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£188,000Terraced houseFH
25, Graham Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 0AX (see map)(see history)
20/12/23£200,000Terraced houseFH
10, Hillview Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5GL (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£425,000Detached houseFH
Chestnut Cottage, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 3LB (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£1,325,000Detached houseFH
3, Exeter Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6PX (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£311,760Detached houseFH
Roxan Mews, 450, Flat 12, Portswood Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO17 3SD (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£155,000Flat or maisonetteLH
1, Bracken Lane, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 6BA (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£385,000Semi-detached houseFH
14, Harefield Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO17 3TH (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£180,000Semi-detached houseFH
15, Pebble Court, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 4SS (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£203,000Semi-detached houseFH
Beech Cottage, Stubbs Drove, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0FU (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£390,000Semi-detached houseFH
44, Testbourne Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 8FE (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£292,000Terraced houseFH
126, Lyon Street, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 0LZ (see map)(see history)
19/12/23£218,000Terraced houseLH
25, Abbots Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1RE (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£690,000Detached houseFH
33, Hollybank Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5FR (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£375,000Detached houseFH
Shoe Cottage, Shoe Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 3NT (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£805,000Detached houseFH
Forest Edge, 6, Lewis Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 5WT (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£480,000Detached houseFH
Belvidere House, Flat 31, Kent Street, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 5SA (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£140,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Oceana Boulevard, Flat 53, Briton Street, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3HU (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£97,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Spring Firs, 221, Flat 11, Spring Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 2NY (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£122,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Anson House, 1a, Flat 6, Canute Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3GL (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£197,500Flat or maisonetteLH
18, Bedford Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0PS (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£155,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Romsey Lodge, 155, Flat 1, Romsey Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 4BU (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£105,000Flat or maisonetteLH
148, Waterhouse Lane, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 8QT (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£280,000Semi-detached houseFH
15, Adams Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2NB (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£375,000Semi-detached houseFH
36, Barrowfields Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3HU (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£393,000Semi-detached houseFH
55, Goodlands Vale, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 4SL (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£227,000Terraced houseFH
4, Anglesea Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 5QJ (see map)(see history)
18/12/23£325,000Terraced houseLH
28, Reynolds Dale, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 7PS (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£565,000Detached houseFH
33, Moorland Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6WD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£345,000Detached houseFH
14, Collingworth Rise, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 1DA (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£405,000Detached houseFH
8, Broadmead Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 0XD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£462,500Detached houseFH
106, St James Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 5HF (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£520,000Detached houseFH
20, Henry Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7PD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£430,000Detached houseFH
14, Flat 10, Firecracker Drive, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6BU (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£210,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Ida Court, 83, Flat 14, St Annes Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 9PX (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£95,000Flat or maisonetteLH
9, Beacon Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 8JR (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£165,000Flat or maisonetteLH
101, White's Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2GL (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£194,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Dawtrey Court, 36, Flat 29, Grosvenor Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO17 1RQ (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£100,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Imperial Apartments, 309, South Western House, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3AL (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£128,000Flat or maisonetteLH
35, Old Common Gardens, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6AX (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£125,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Grenville Court, Flat 44, Silverdale Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 2TD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£150,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Oceana Boulevard, Flat 179, Lower Canal Walk, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3JG (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£87,500Flat or maisonetteLH
Centurion House, 44, Flat 1, Hawkeswood Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 1QD (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£188,000Flat or maisonetteLH
Yew Trees, Flat 9, Lower Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1AS (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£255,000Flat or maisonetteLH
147, Bluebell Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 3LN (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£240,000Semi-detached houseFH
73, Liverpool Street, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 6FU (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£190,000Semi-detached houseLH
35, Freegrounds Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0BJ (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£242,000Semi-detached houseLH
55, Hatch Mead, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3NE (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£265,000Terraced houseFH
8, Osborne Quarters, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 5HX (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£387,500Terraced houseFH
38, Quebec Gardens, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8GP (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£235,000Terraced houseFH
65, Porlock Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 9JB (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£255,000Terraced houseFH
82, Beattie Rise, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2AG (see map)(see history)
15/12/23£397,000Terraced houseFH
8, Marne Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 6AL (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£350,000Detached houseFH
Anzac Place, 14, Lower St Helens Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0NB (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£418,000Detached houseFH
118, Water Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 3GS (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£297,000Detached houseFH
181, Mousehole Lane, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 4TD (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£395,000Detached houseFH
35, Hillside Avenue, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 1LD (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£148,500Flat or maisonetteLH
Telephone House, 70, Flat 63, High Street, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 2NW (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£222,500Flat or maisonetteLH
1, Bracken Lane, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 6BA (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£400,000Semi-detached houseFH
19, Montague Avenue, Southampton, Southampton, SO19 0QH (see map)(see history)
14/12/23£176,500Semi-detached houseLH
6, Crete Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 4HW (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£270,000Detached houseFH
Oakley House, Flat 2, Court Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 2JR (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£161,000Flat or maisonetteLH
32, Atlantic Park View, Southampton, Hampshire, SO18 3RQ (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£305,000Terraced houseFH
50, Devonshire Gardens, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8HE (see map)(see history)
13/12/23£210,000Terraced houseFH
10, Flat 2, St Catherines Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 1LJ (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£117,000Flat or maisonetteLH
65, Pacific Close, Southampton, Southampton, SO14 3TY (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£270,000Flat or maisonetteLH
28, Endeavour Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 6DX (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£635,000Semi-detached houseLH
19, Anglesea Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO15 5QH (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£250,000Terraced houseFH
28, Sir Christopher Court, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 6JR (see map)(see history)
12/12/23£560,000Terraced houseFH
Home Spinney House, Flat 32, River View Road, Southampton, Southampton, SO18 1UD (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£75,000Flat or maisonetteLH
1, Lakeside Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 8DP (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£352,000Semi-detached houseFH
1, Greywell Avenue, Southampton, Southampton, SO16 5JQ (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£320,000Semi-detached houseFH
8, Sunnyfield Rise, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8FA (see map)(see history)
11/12/23£282,000Semi-detached houseFH

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How can I get an accurate valuation of my home in Southampton?

HM Land Registry data is only available once a property has completed.

Nationwide, one of the UK's largest mortgage lenders, disclose mortgage application house price data based on mortgage approvals. This data is more current but is far less detailed.

Valuing your home

Using the Southampton sold price data above, try to find similar properties sold recently in the same street or nearby.

You can then adjust the price in line with any points that add or detract from a Southampton property's value - for example the length of the lease or being near a busy road.

The next stage is to get a free valuation from a Southampton estate agent. Be aware that estate agent valuations vary wildly so it is a good idea to get several, disregard the outliers, and calculate an average.

Local Southampton estate agents include:

  • Dunhill Property Management - 3 Red Lion Street, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1ST
  • Ian Judd & Partners - 4 High Street, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1AB
  • Property Wise Estate Agents - 61 Bridge Road, Park Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7GG
  • Robinson Reade - 10-14 Middle Road, Park Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7GH

If you require a formal valuation for example for tax reasons, you could instruct a RICS surveyor.

Local SouthamptonRICS surveyors include:

  • Primmer Olds BAS - 61 Cromwell Road, Southampton, SO15 2JE
  • FP Surveying - 151 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2BT
  • Keygrove - Harbour Lights Maritime Walk, Southampton, SO14 3TL
  • Moses Rutland Chartered Surveyors - 42 Junction Road Totton, Southampton, SO40 3BW
  • Dunsin Surveyors Limited - International House George Curl Way, Southampton, SO18 2RZ
  • Bartley West Limited - Unit 12 Netley Marsh Ringwood Road, Southampton, SO40 7GY
  • The Goddard Partnership - The Old Fire Station Upper Basingwell Street, Southampton, SO32 1PF

For more information:

How to accurately value your home in 4 easy steps

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Sale & Purchase Conveyancing

Know exactly how much you'll pay, with an all inclusive, no move, no fee solicitor quote.

Transfer of Equity Conveyancing

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Remortgage Conveyancing

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RICS Property Surveys

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