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Conveyancing in East Molesey

Conveyancing describes the work a solicitor does to transfer the legal title of a property from a seller to a buyer. If you need a solicitor for conveyancing in East Molesey, we can help you with fast & proactive conveyancing from a national panel of conveyancing specialists.

We have helped clients in East Molesey and throughout Elmbridge with buying, selling, buy-to-let, Help to Buy, Right to Buy, shared ownership, new build, leasehold, lease extensions, remortgage and transfer of equity.

Other areas covered: Esher, Guildford and Woking

East Molesey Conveyancing Solicitors

Buying property in East Molesey

A village in Surrey, East Molesey is known for Hampton Court Palace and the annual Hampton Court Flower Show. Popular residential areas include Bridge Road and Wolsey Road. East Molesey is well-served by bus routes to Kingston and Walton-on-Thames. East Molesey has a population of approximately 13,000.

East Molesey house prices

The average price paid for a property in East Molesey between March and April 2024 was £281,373 (updated July 2024).

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Council Tax in East Molesey (2023/24)

East Molesey is in Elmbridge Borough Council.

Band Amount
A £1,486.51
B £1,734.26
C £1,982.01
D £2,229.76
E £2,725.26
F £3,220.76
G £3,716.27
H £4,459.52

What do East Molesey conveyancing solicitors do?

A conveyancer or solicitor handles all of the post-offer aspects of buying property, and guides you through the legal side of a home purchase. They will raise enquires of the seller's solicitor, order searches, review contracts, and complete any post-sale actions, like paying Stamp Duty.

Further to the standard checks and searches, East Molesey conveyancing solicitors would also undertake checks for issues affecting high-value listed buildings and properties within green belt areas.

Purchasing a home with a mortgage?

When you purchase a property, your solicitor also needs to carry out some legal work for the lender.

If your conveyancing solicitor isn't accepted on your bank's panel, it could take weeks longer to buy your house.

More than 100 banks and building societies have approved our chosen panel solicitors. We can help you complete your East Molesey transaction without delay.

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We have also helped home movers in East Molesey with conveyancing for:

Conservation areas

When you buy a flat or house in a conservation area, your solicitor or licensed conveyancer will need to check for planning approval issues, including solar panel visibility or an unapproved loft conversion.

Conservation areas in East Molesey and the Elmbridge local authority include:

  • Esher
  • East Molesey Bridge Road
  • Downside Village
  • Walton Church Street/Bridge Street

Listed buildings

Around 500,000 listed properties exist in England and Wales, 520 of which are in Elmbridge Borough Council.

Listed buildings and properties in and around East Molesey include:

  • High House, 154 Bridge Road, East Molesey, Esher, Elmbridge, Surrey

Owning a listed building brings its own set of challenges. Examples of the duties faced by listed property owners include maintenance of historic features, consent required for energy efficient alterations and an obligation to maintain the property's surroundings in a manner consistent with its historic character. Our expert solicitor panel will help you understand the legal duties your ownership will impose.

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Leasehold property

Purchasing a leasehold flat in the UK can be very involved. The many potential problems awaiting an uninformed buyer can include legally technical issues like incomplete management company accounts and marriage value issues.

An experienced leasehold conveyancer will look into all potential issues with the lease and report back to you.

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Selling a property in East Molesey

When selling a house or flat in East Molesey, your conveyancing solicitor will assemble all essential documents - like assorted property information forms and the sale contract. A seller's solicitor's duties include answering the buyer's solicitor's enquiries and sorting out potential snags.

Your lawyer will also coordinate with both sides, like estate agents, landlords and lenders, ensuring that the move completes as soon as possible.

Does a leasehold property take longer to sell?

Yes, compared to freehold conveyancing. Sale conveyancing for a leasehold home can result in long delays.

The solicitor acting for the buyer will need to review these documents. These could include three years' filed accounts for the property management and a copy of the freehold property's buildings insurance. The time needed by your lawyer to gather this paperwork is the common cause of such delays.

Your lawyer should start this process before a buyer has even been found, because this information can take weeks to collect if it is difficult to contact the managing agent or landlord or they are slow to respond.

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Conveyancing for selling a property

Remortgage conveyancing

The base interest rate is 5.25% (16 July, 2024)

You should always double-check your lawyer's lender panel membership before you instruct.

We work with remortgage solicitors who are panel members for all major building societies and banks, so whether you are changing to a standard variable rate mortgage with Bank of Scotland or taking out a flexible mortgage from Cynergy Bank, our panel solicitors will make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

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Transfer of equity in East Molesey

Whether you are gifting a share of a property, adding one or more people to the deeds or inheritance tax (IHT) planning, you will need to transfer equity.

Your property lawyer will handle the legal side for a guaranteed fixed fee.

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How much should I budget for conveyancing in East Molesey?

Legal fees

The quote will detail the fees for the legal work, including VAT, that you pay when the property transaction is complete. These fees are what your solicitor or conveyancer charges you for the legal work that they complete during your property transaction.


A disbursement is an expense your solicitor or conveyancer will pay on your behalf which will be added to your bill when you complete. Third-party disbursements include Stamp Duty, property searches and a commons registration search.

Read the terms and conditions

Beware of hidden charges not mentioned in the initial conveyancing quote, if you are comparing quotes. Some firms set out additional charges in their terms and conditions. This can lead to a total cost that's much higher than the initial quote.

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Sale & Purchase Conveyancing

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