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Buying or selling a home? Want to know how much to offer or what offer to accept? Find out what homes near you actually sold for - Search the latest Land Registry data with our house price checker.

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Are you buying a home and want to check affordability? Maybe you have found a property and need to know what to offer by comparing with similar properties sold in the area?

Perhaps you're just keeping tabs on what your house is worth.

If you are selling a property, looking at historic sold house data helps you set the best and most realistic asking prices.

Sold prices back to 1995

The Completely Moved Sold House Price Checker gives you the most up to date real time data sourced directly from HM Land Registry. If you want to, you can search sold prices back as afar as 1995 - when sold price data was first compiled digitally.

Most up to date housing market data

Sold house price data is the best starting point for home buyers, sellers and estate agents to bvas a valuation.

Average house prices

Our house price checker presents the most recent average price paid data in your area.

Lagging housing market indicators

Whenever a property sale completes, the transaction details are registered at HM Land Registry. This occurs in the post-completion phase of the conveyancing process. As a result there can be a delay of many months, perhaps even years, between the date that offer is accepted and the registration of the sale.

In a stable market this lag will have minimal impact. However in more turbulent times, such as the potential market turmoil predicted around Brexit, you need more up to date information.

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The home buyer and seller's guide to Brexit

Leading housing market indicators

Data compiled at the point of mortgage valuations is more current. Mortgage valuations usually occur a week or two after an offer has been accepted. Mortgage valuations are therefore a much more current indicator of what houses are selling for.

We will shortly be integrating the centrally-compiled mortgage valuation data with the HM Land Registry Data to bring you the most up-to-date picture of what is happening in the housing market.

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Sale & Purchase Conveyancing

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